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At our discretion, our builders may use specialist construction companies builders and installers on other parts of the installation such as automatic cover installations, building enclosures and installing or connecting other specialist equipment from time to time.

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Where will the filter go?

Allow for the installers or builders to construct a plant room, for them to house filter and pump, toys, games and covers. Also a secured storage facility for chemicals. If you have an outside building or even in a garage these locations, as long as there’s good access and services available for the plant.

Which type of heating will you want installed How much  does Gas, oil, solar, or heat pump cost?

We know how volatile fuel prices can be. There’s not enough sun to warrant solar panels Although 2014 and this year broke the mould of poor summers and temperature were above normal. Installing heat pumps are a much more economical way to heat a large volume of water, and you save more on cost of heating especially if it is indoors.

Concrete tiled or liner pools?

Installers prefer the vinyl lining construction system as it is by far the cheapest on installation cost and the quickest to build option. The concrete construction method costs more to build and can take up to 6 months to complete because of the curing and drying times of materials used in building the shell and the finishes.

How wide should the decking paving walk area be?

If you are not tight on space, then 900mm (3ft) wide walkway is sufficiently wide enough for access around. You can go wider if you wish. Ask the spa builders for more information Click here

Installers of outdoor and Indoor pools Enclosures,are an excellent investment
An enclosure extends the swimming season. You can swim in the warmth during the chilly months.

The best part is an enclosure will save you money on the following:

These enclosures can be totally sealed denying unwanted guests entrance into your swimming area.

Keeping the doors locked and not having to keep an eye on the pets, or the wildlife adds an extra layer of safety

You’ll notice the construction cost benefits.

Ask the installers for more details on enclosures and buildings.

Pool builders and installers installation guide

Hot tubs and spa installers London Oxford to Monmouth Hereford and Cardiff UK
Supplied and installed liner pools and hot tubs in Bristol Gloucester UK .

Also supplying maintaining equipment, heat-pumps, covers to enclosures.

Read our article stimulating blood circulation and relieving aches & pains using spas and hot tubs.

Pushed warm waters, mixed with the air passes, through the jets, massaging your body; taking advantage of the significant properties of aqua, air and heat stimulating that energises the blood circulation. Acting like a therapeutic treatment for sprains, backache, rheumatic pain and aching feet.

Spa & Hot tub suppliers . Builders covering Bristol Gloucester Monmouth Hereford Newport Cardiff | Swansea to Oxford & London UK

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Swimming Pools Maintenance & Maintaining

We offer maintenance contracts at reasonable costs to include:

  • Adds value to property.
  • Is a good sound investment.
  • increases your prospects for selling.

Planning & building control

Builders of Luxury Swimming Pools

  • Permissions are not normally required.
  • But does depend on the area & location.
  • Ask the local authority before building.

The cost of swimming pool construction in Monmouth Chepstow Usk Abergavenny • Installers and builders in Bristol Gloucester Hereford Oxford London England to Cardiff in Wales UK


To give an idea of sizes and costs, See below. This is an approximate price range for different type and size of installation. For help & advice Call 01600 861 851 or send an email Now! Today!

Pool builder prices for installations vary according to location, ground conditions, type and size.

Added accessories - Underwater lights, Roman ends, heating, covers surround & landscaping.

How much does a swimming pool cost?

Swimming pool construction

What sizes are available?

Above ground pools






8ft Diameter


18ft x 4ft

Wooden pool






8ft Diameter


26ft x15ft

Exercise pool






7.8ft x 12.7ft


7.8ft x12.7ft

Swim spas






7.5ft x 12.5ft


7.5ft x 21ft

In-ground block & liner






10ft x 20ft


20ft x 40ft+

Wall panel & liner






12ft x 24ft


20ft x 40ft+

Mosaic tile concrete finish






12ft x 24ft


No limit

Above ground pool Wooden Pools

Above ground Intex From £59.95

Eco Wooden

Prices from £3,619.00

Wooden/Inground exercise starts £8,450/£16,900

Exercise swimming pool

Swim spas begin at £11,200

Intex metal frame costs from £199.95

Fun splash begin at £850.00.

Stunning Inground swimming pools from around £18,995

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Intex PureSpa With Bubble Therapy


Escape Spa - Cool Grey £3,599.00

Utopia Spa - Warm Grey £3,888.00