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At our discretion, our builders may use specialist construction companies builders and installers on other parts of the installation such as automatic cover installations, building enclosures and installing or connecting other specialist equipment from time to time. Installation prices vary according to location, ground conditions, type, size and required accessories

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  • Adds value to property.
  • Is a good sound investment.
  • increases your prospects for selling.

Planning & building control

Builders of Luxury Swimming Pools

  • Permissions are not normally required.
  • But does depend on the area & location.
  • Ask the local authority before building.

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Which swimming pool?

Liner pools:

A guide on pool installations

Concrete block & liner construction

  1. Is the subsoil to be taken off or remain on site?
  2. Arrange a date for excavator, the operators, and earth moving equipment.
  3. Set out the area.

Next stage

  1. Indicate the pool’s finished level with a mark on a wall or a painted peg in the ground.
  2. Using 4 pegs, measure for the length & width (This is where the water line is) Not forgetting to make sure the shape is square by measuring and making sure the diagonals are the same.
  3. Tie a string line to the pegs to show the shape outline of the water area. (Before you mark out the pool, ask someone knowledgeable to re-check the measurements then check again yourself)  Mark out the area with spray marker paint or wearing PPE use lime.
  4. Measure approximately 16” to 18” (400mm to 450mm) out from the string line that you already have in place.(Showing water line)
  5. This second outer string line using a second lot of 4 pegs is for the walls and foundations (The over dig)
  6. Once the outer string line is tied on, use the spray marker paint to show the over dig for the excavator driver.
Hot tubs and spa installers London Oxford to Monmouth Hereford & Cardiff UK Liner pool builders. Supplied and installed hot tubs and exercise pools in Bristol Gloucester Bath Cirencester London UK.

Read our article stimulating blood circulation and relieving aches & pains using spas and hot tubs.It pushed warm waters, mixed with the air passes, through the jets, massaging your body; taking advantage of the significant properties of water, air and heat stimulating that energises the blood circulation. Acting like a therapeutic treatment for sprains, backache, rheumatic pain and aching feet.

Above ground pool Wooden Pools

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Info Intex metal frame costs from £199.95

In-ground swimming pool from around £18,995 Leaflet   Enclosures from £11,995 Ask for a DVD

Intex PureSpa With Bubble Therapy £599.00 Leaflet

Utopia Spa - Warm Grey £3,888.00 Leaflet

Escape Spa - Cool Grey £3,599.00 Leaflet

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Info Exercise pool’s starts £8,450 & £16,900

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One peice swimspa

Leaflet Swim spas begin at £11,200

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Fun pools

Leaflets Fun pool’s begin at £850.00.


Digger machine and dumper/lorry ready?

  1. Begin excavations and remove subsoil
  2. Set out and lay the concrete foundations.
  3. Square up and build the four walls.
  4. Install the fittings as construction proceeds.
  5. Dig trenches for installation of flow and return pipes.
  6. Begin 1st fix of pipe work. Test the pipelines
  7. Cover with sand and backfill trenches
  8. Render and screed the walls & floors.
  9. Fix liner lock, and lay coping stones,
  10. Lay decking and landscaping.
  11. 2nd fix pipe work, pump, filter, heating.
  12. Fix felt underlay on the walls & base.
  13. Install lining and fill.
  14. Cut in fittings
  15. Commissioning the swimming pool.

Concrete tiled or rendered swimming pool