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At our discretion, we may use specialist companies on other parts of the pool installation such as automatic cover installations, building enclosures and installing or connecting other specialist swimming pool equipment from time to time.

Maintaining a pool email us here.

What size pool do you want to build?

  1. Where will you locate the swimming pool?
  2. Where is the subsoil going?
  3. Is it a liner or tiled concrete pool?
  4. Liner construction cheaper and quicker to build.
  5. What is the width of the flooring around the pool?
  6. Is it to be an indoor or outdoor pool?
  7. An enclosure will save you money on heating, chemicals, water bills and maintenance time
  8. Which type of heating will you require? Gas, oil, solar, or heat pump?
  9. Allow for a pool plant room,to house filter and pump, toys, games and pool covers. Also a secured storage facility for chemicals.

If you do get stuck in a rut send us an email

Installing it yourself is an economical way to have a your own pool.

However you need to be aware of the pitfalls during the construction stages to completion. If you have knowledge of construction then building a pool can be relatively easy.

You could buy a pool as a complete kit (Above ground wooden pool). This requires a concrete base for the structure to rest on. It can build it partly in the ground and timber decking built around to make it look like an in-ground pool.

There are two methods used for building larger liner pools

  1. Concrete block and liner.
  2. Panel walls (This method uses less materials)

How to build a swimming pool

These are basics for this method of pool construction.

Spa enclosure

Swimming Pool Installers

Some swimming pool types