10 top tips on maintenance for your swimming pool

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The 10 top tips on swimming pool maintenance

keep on top of pool maintenance  with these ten top tips for keeping your pool clean and ready for swimming, weekend BBQ’s and parties.

swimming pool cover

Ready to pull back the winter cover on this swimming pool in Bristol

Pool maintenance begins when you first peel back the winter cover the pool water may be a green colour with leaves and debris in the pool. Before you add any chemicals to the water, the debris and leaves have to be scooped up with a leaf net. Clean the walls down (3.) with a pool brush. Wait for a while until the debris floating has settled on the base of the pool, Then proceed with vacuuming the pool floor remembering to top up the water level beforehand (no higher than and under the liner-lock) and during the vacuuming process,  then after carefully add chemicals to kill the algae and bacteria that maybe left in the pool

1. Removing the debris cover from your swimming pool.

swimming pool maintenance

Ready to replace this old liner near Bristol

Better if 2 people remove the winter debris cover, but 1 person can do this can. Carefully remove the winter cover and place the stainless steel anchors in a bag. Spread the sheet out on the garden and clean loose debris and leaves with brush and a hose. Let the winter cover dry off to avoid mould staining. After fold up and store away with the anchors in a dry area.

2. Cleaning the stone copings and the surrounds.
Before you do anything with your swimming pool, brush in sections a weak water/chlorine solution’ (being careful and wear protective clothing when mixing to manufactures instructions and using.) onto the coping and the pools surrounds and once treated gently hose down avoid splashing yourself and other objects like plants etc.  Next pressure clean and brush the copping and with water.

3. Brushing the swimming pool walls down.
Gently brush the pool walls using a pool brush to remove any green algae and other materials.

4. Check pool pump and filter.

pool plant room

Check the swimming pool pump basket for leaves and debris. Also how long ago did you have filtration media (usually sand) changed? Filters become less and less effective over the years you would benefit from periodic change at least every 3 yrs. Use regular back washing during the use of your swimming pool. We serve all locations areas including Monmouthshire Gloucester Bristol Newport Hereford and Cardiff Wales andmost of the West of England


5. Cleaning the tileband.
Begin with cleaning the tileband (Waterline) using the correct pool tile & liner cleaner.

6. Skim the surface of floating leaves with a leaf net
Remove any surface debris or leaves off the pool water with a leaf net and dispose.

7. Vacuuming the pool.
Connect the pool cleaning equipment together. Fill the pool hose with pool water, place the hose in the skimmer with the skimmer basket still in, or attach to the vacuum point. Begin vacuuming the swimming pool.

8. Shocking, super-chlorinate, oxidising.
These terms all means the same, but most people say “Shock a pool” because that is what a dose of chlorine does to any algae or bacteria. It’s the same as when you add bleach (which is composed of 5% chlorine, the rest is a carrier) to your kitchen. Add the chlorine to the water and mix (When mixing the chlorine granules remember to add chlorine to water and not the other way round). Obviously the amount you add depends on the condition of the pool water, and how effective the winterising treatments were, shock the pool water the pool appropriately and follow the chemicals instructions remember to have the filtration system running.

Swimming pool chemicals

9. Testing the water is in balance.
For the chlorine to work effectively the pH, has to be at the correct levels between 7.2 and 7.6. Total Alkalinity need to be at the correct level (80-120 ppm) and Calcium Hardness levels, so use a test kit to check there preferable before you add the chlorine. Remember do not mix different swimming pool chemicals and always read the manufactures instructions.

10. Retest the water after 24 hours.
After the swimming pool winter cover has been removed cleaned dries and stored away,

the pump and filter checked, the pool is running and has been cleaned, the pool water tested and shocked, leave the pool running and retest the waters pH and chlorine level after 24 hours and dose the water as necessary. Once you have the swimming pool in a

Swimming pool covers

balanced condition, continue to regularly maintain your swimming pool to keep it healthy and crystal clear. After roll out the solar bubble cover over the swimming pool

Pool maintenance for Bristol Gloucester Monmouthshire Hereford Newport and Cardiff Wales and the West of England

When you are ready, pool need to be opened and you don’t want to go through the hassle of removing the winter cover filling cleaning and treating the pool with chemicals give your local pool installer a call, and if your lining needs replacing let the pool engineer know so he can inform you what the costs are to renew your pool liner.


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