15 Reasons why exercise pools are good for you

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15 Reasons why an exercise pool is good for you in more ways than one

By John Cox

What do you want a swimming pool for?

Is the pool just to swim in?  To splash around, games,snorkelling etc? SwimmingThese days you can have a much smaller swimming pool installed than the traditional medium to large size pools (one of the largest domestic pool sizes 20ft x 40ft and 8ft deep)

The good thing about smaller pools is they can be fitted with a counter current, so you can have the option of swimming against a jet of water for as long as you want, in effect turning the pool into an exercise pool.

The ‘swimming against a counter-current’ is better known as “Resistance swimming” you can also do Water-Aerobics (or as it’s called by the flashy name of Aqua-Aerobics) in the pool. (Most swimming pool installers in the UK can offer advice, help and send you information about exercise pools).Exercise

Here is a list of 15 benefit’s that a small pool with a counter current can offer you from the fitness and health factors too installing the swimming pool:

  1. The enjoyment of a gentle or challenging swim
  2. You feel fit.
  3. You don’t feel as tired as you use too.
  4. You have bundles of energy, able to get things done without feeling knackered (please excuse)
  5. You are much more healthy and able to withstand the odd virus bug much better
  6. You stop aching so much and you are able to do many more tasks in the day
  7. The exercise pool is a compact size and is ideal if you do not have room
  8. The dimensions of an exercise pool need only be 3.9m Long x 2.4m Wide x 1.15m Deep (12 ft x 8 ft x 3ft 6″ in depth)
  9. There is less material to excavate and remove
  10. The build times for an exercise pool are faster
  11. You use less water (So low costs in water bills
  12. There less chemicals to use as opposed to a traditional swimming pool
  13. Your heating costs are much lower
  14. There is less of your time in used up in cleaning and maintaining the pool
  15. A pool enclosure, because of the smaller size of the pool the enclosure would be less expensive.pool enclosures-1

These exercise pool can be built on site to your specifications or purchased as a one piece pool and installed into most locations by any good local swimming pool installer covering the Gloucester Hereford Monmouthshire Cardiff Bristol and Bath UK

Happy swimming
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