Children swimming pools and ponds

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Swimming pools, ponds and children…

The dangers of children, swimming pools, and ponds… It only takes a moment’s distraction

Distraction is one of the biggest dangers when it comes to our children. We’ve all been distracted by the knock at the door, the phone call or the something important distracts you for what only seems a moment but long enough for a young child to get into trouble.

Pickpockets and burglars use distraction to relieve you of your property. The knock on the front door and someone is standing there asking you for directions, a distracting, while his mate comes through the back door and rumbles through your valuable possessions.

Perhaps the worst form of distraction is when you have children. the danger begins when there’s that the knock on the door or the phone rings. Perhaps a neighbour,  family or friends call in, or you’re doing something very important.

This is the most dangerous time when it comes to children and swimming pools or ponds for that matter.

You cannot turn your back on children for one minute when you have a pool or pond in your back garden

“Parents find two year old at bottom of pool” “We did get a heartbeat from the little boy last night, so we’re hoping,” ( WPBF-TV USA)

So what measures do you put in place to keep an eye on the little ones? Do you rely on other family i.e. Dad, older siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, or friends?

You should never ever rely on anyone but yourself, and to be honest you can’t rely on yourself either, knowing our human nature such as it is.

As a Mum or Dad “You” should always assume that you are the only person keeping an eye on what little Tommy or Lucy is up to. Never assume your other half is supervising the kids. So never make these assumptions or take this for granted.

Also never be tempted to say to someone else in the family, “Please keep any eye on the little one for me for a minute… What if that person gets distracted or drops off to sleep too? Who’s watching where the little Toddler is now? No one is

So what are the answers?

1. Well you could have to pool or pond back filled in. That would give you piece of mind

2. You could fence around the pool or pond with purpose made fencing designed for pools and ponds

3. You could install a swimming pool safety cover for a pool or safety grid for a pond (depending on the size)

4. For the swimming pool you could also install an advanced “smart” swimming pool security system. It works by creating an invisible underwater sonar net. It notifies parents or caretakers immediately if a child falls into a pool

So there are some of the actions you can take to prevent any accident happening to young children but still nothing is fool proof.

I’m a Grandparent and I find it extremely distressing when I hear these sad stories. Heaven only knows what these parents are going through. Water is dangerous for children, adults, animals, almost everything. Water gives us life, without it we would not exist, but it will also take life from us.

Get the pool fenced off with proper type of swimming pool fencing and child proof locks, install a safety cover and security sonar

Apart from being a place of fun, a swimming pool is also a killer, so don’t take your swimming pool or pond for granted when children are around.

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