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What are the benefits of an exercise pool?

There are many good reasons why it’s worth buying an exercise pool. For one, if all you want is to keep fit these are excellent machines for this plus it saves you travelling to the gym.

These days you can have a much smaller swimming pool installed that does the same if not better than a medium to large size pools.

These smaller pool can be fitted with a counter current, either free standing or built in to the swimming pool, so you can swim against a current of water for as long as you want to swim.

Swimming against a counter-current is better known as “resistance swimming” you can do water-aerobics (also known as aqua-aerobics).

Here is a list of great benefits that a smaller pool with a counter current can offer you from the fitness and health factors to the swimming pool installation:
•    The counter current speeds are adjustable, you can have a gentle or challenging swim.
•    These swimming pools are the treadmill of the swimming world.
•    Great for swim practice if you’re in a swimming club or entering competitions.
•    You feel fit and you less tired as you use too.
•    You have bundles of energy, able to get things done without feeling exhausted.

This is a “one piece swim-spa” with integrated counter current
•    You become healthier and your body is more able to withstand the odd virus bug much better.
•    You find a reduction in aches and pains and you are able to do many more tasks than your use too during the day.
•    You are able to think clearer, work problems out better.
•    Your skin tones up (less spots and blemishes).
•    Because the exercise pool is a compact size it is an ideal if you do not have room to install a traditional swimming pool.
•    The dimensions of an exercise pool need only be 3.9m Long x 2.4m Wide x 1.15m Deep (12 ft x 8 ft x 3ft 6″ in depth).
•    There are less material to excavate and remove. Fewer materials to transport and use in an exercise pools construction. The build times for an exercise pool are faster.
•    You use less water which turns into low costs in water bills. There is less chemicals use, and your heating costs are much lower.
•    There is less of your time used up in cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool.
•    You can install a pool enclosure, and because of the smaller size of the pool the enclosure would be less expensive to erect.
•    These exercise pools can be purpose built to your specifications or you could buy one as a “one piece unit” (Swim-spas)
Happy swimming…
John Cox TnISPE(Cert)

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