My Swimming Pool Water Is Green

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Did you know a thunderstorm can turn the water in a swimming pool green?

Well it is true, and not many pool owners know this.

When a swimming pool turns green. most pool owner reckon they have put enough chlorine in the pool.

So why has the water still turned so green?”Pool cleaning

The reason for this is during the storm the lightning has created nitrogen in the air which is a fantastic nutrient for plants, and algae loves it

Every time in a thunderstorm the sky flashes it creates more and more nitrogen in the atmosphere and when it rains this nitrogen comes down into your swimming pool.

You’re likely to have algae in your pool already that you can’t see (except under a microscope) but as they are plant life the lightning producing the nitrogen that mixes with the rain falling into your swimming pool, the algae blooms and multiplies very rapidly this is where especially after a night time thunderstorm you come out the next day to see the pool has turned green.Green pool

Algae control.

The best thing to do is after a thunderstorm, shock the pool with chlorine soon as possible (not stabilised chlorine)
Don’t let the pool turn any greener as the more algae there is the more difficult it is for the pool water to recover

Keeping your pool water balanced
Remember 3 essential rudiments to successfully maintaining clear sparkling pool water.

Number one is the Total Alkalinity Level:
Total Alkalinity (or TA for short) is the measure of water’s resistance to change in pH of water. A higher TA acts like a buffer. This needs to be between 80 and 120 parts per million (ppm).
Secondly is the level of pH. The ideal range is between 7.2 -7.6.
Thirdly is proper sanitation whether you are using conventional chlorine or non-chlorine products, you cannot take too lightly the significance of good sanitation with your pool water.
Keep the sanitiser at a consistent level and this will greatly reduce the algae population also use a specific algaecide to help keep the algae at bay.
When maintaining the pool remember to brush the walls down as algae tend to cling to the walls. The filter should take care of the rest.

By keeping these 3 items right, your pool water will stay off a green pool after a thunderstorm and under normal conditions as well as keeping your pool water sparkling and clear.

John Cox TnISPE(Cert)


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