Hot tubs stimulate circulation

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Hot tubs can stimulate blood circulation and make you feel good!

Hot tubs can ease aches & painshot-tub. Jets of water, combined with the air massage your body. This therapeutic treatment is beneficial for relieving rheumatic pains, sprains, aching feet, bad backs and so on. The numerous jets in the hot tub pushes out water and air around the spa and takes advantage of the physical properties of water, such as pressure and heat to stimulate blood circulation.

What is a hydro massage circuit in a hot tub?

Using circuit therapy in a Hot tub is the use of the different seating arrangement in a spa. It works by stimulating the endorphins on the particular muscle groups which helps alleviate pain and tension.

This means by moving around the different seats in the hot tub (See the small video) the spa jets work on that particular part of the body that’s most stressed out during the day or muscle’s that are aching or strained.

Relaxing in a tub is great for aching muscles, bad backs, sore legs, headaches and so on….  At the end of the day, let the water & air massage those annoying pains away in the comfort of your own home with your smart phone in one hand and a glass or wine (Or beer) in the other. (Or put the phone off and chill…)

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