What to do with an unused swimming pool

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You have a swimming pool that has been unused for years, the colour of the pool water is green and you’re not sure if the pump, heater or filter works…

What can be done with it?

If you are not interested in your swimming pool, there are some options that may be of interest to you:

  1. You could have the unused pool back-filled.
  2. Or maybe convert it to a wildlife pond.
  3. Round the pool off to form a skateboard slide.

However, if none of the above suggestions suit, and you wish to get the pool running again, ready for the summer, then read these tips in this article.

One thing to note, before you begin trying to get the pool running is to have the electrics, and other services like gas, oil, etc. associated with the pools running, checked out first by competent service engineers, i.e. a qualified electrician, gas engineer etc.

How do I get a swimming pool that has been UNUSED for a long period of time running again?

If you have an idea of what needs to be done to the pool then it maybe just a matter ofDisused pool priming the pool pump (Filling the basket with water before starting the pump) and starting the it, however the pump my not work or may have seized after being idle for a long period of time so be careful when starting.

If you’re uncertain about starting the pump get in touch with Osprey Pools for some suggestions.

The filter has a multi-port leaver that turns in different directions adjusting the direction you want the water to flow. This quite often seizes up and maybe difficult to turn.

The pool filter contains a sand medium that sieves out small particles in the pool water this sand may have compacted and become solid, this reduces its efficiency to filter the pool water or even by-pass the filter sand altogether.

If you have oil or gas pool heating, get this checked out by a qualified engineer, otherwise contact your local pool installer.

The pool water may need treatment and manually cleaning before you start the pool pump. If you believe the pool water needs changing, before you take this step, consult a swimming pool installer as you could do more damage than good to your swimming pool, especially if you are in a high water table area.

Check the pool liner to make sure it’s  in good condition and not brittle. The odds are on that the liner is degraded, because the pool (for a long period of time) has been unused and the pool has not been maintained.

Other than this, if you’re in any doubt contact your local swimming pool installer and he may advise the best way get your unused swimming pool running again.

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