Options for installing a swimming pool liner

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What are your choices when replacing a new swimming pool liner?

Here’s some ideas for you to mull over when choosing a new liner for your swimming pool

  • You could have the same colour pool liner, or a similar pattern.Pool cleaning
  • Or go for something completely different. There are many more colours and patterns available’ plenty to choose from.
  • You could also have new felt underlay fitted this helps protect the liner from the hard backing and it’s soft underfoot.
  • If the pool coping looks worn and dull, consider replacing them and the pool decking if it’s looking a bit shabby and worn.

By doing taking the actions above, your swimming pool will look almost like brand new again.replaced-liner-2

So what are your options for installing a pool liner?

  • First idea is the pool installer arrives, and if conditions are acceptable can measure the pools dimensions while the water is still in the pool. Then place the order for the pool liner, and once it has arrived, empty and remove old liner, clear the pool shell, install  the new lining.
  • Second option is to have your pool emptied and the old liner removed. Survey and measure your pool for a replacement liner and when the lining arrives, the pool installer can fit the felt underlay (if needed) and liner for you.
  • The third option is for you measure for a Pool linernew liner. The pool company places the order. When the liner is ready they come back to fit the liner for you.
  • A forth option is if you feel capable of changing the pool liner yourself, then you can ask the pool builder to survey and measure your pool after you have emptied it, they will supply you with the pool liner, again you or someone of your choice fits the pool liner for you.
  • Option five. This option is similar to the third, if you only want the pool liner and you’re competent enough to fit the liner yourself and you don’t mind measuring the pools dimensions, The pool installer supplies you with the pool liner only, and you fit the pool liner.

So there are a few options to consider when you think it’s time for installing a new swimming pool liner. For more information on pool liners and other accessories, contact Osprey Pools, we can advise you on the best corse of action for your swimming pool.

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