Liner pools prices

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What is the price of a liner pool?

Most swimming pool installers will either supply a liner pool for a customer to build themselves as a DIY project, or supply and install the swimming pool for you. The prices for swimming pools depends on many factors for example:

  • If it is to supply a swimming pool only. This is where the customer excavates and installs the swimming pool and then landscapes the area.
  • Or the pool installer supplies the swimming pool only and gives practical help and advice when requested during installation i.e. advice on marking out, or later installing the pipe work and the pool liner.
  • Or a swimming pool is installed by the pool installer and usually included in the price is constructing the surrounds, garden walls, changing rooms and landscaping around the swimming pool.

Swimming pool prices can begin from around £5,100 for an out of ground swimming pool and as they get larger and more complex can rise as to £30,000 or more for an in-ground pool. An indoor pool is a little more expensive because apart from the cost of swimming pool enclosure, new building regulations that were brought out a few years ago, demand that indoor swimming pools have to be insulated. However the cheaper out of ground swimming pools look quite attractive and can be made to look like an in-ground.

John Cox TnISPE (Cert)

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