Liner Swimming Pool Leaks And Repairs

The swimming pool is leaking! Is it the liner loosing water or is it the pump, filter or pool fittings?

leaking liner poolThis pool liner is old and lost its vibrant colouring. Some of the coping stones were loose. but all were taken up and relayed with a new liner-lock track fitted before the pool liner replacement

Finding the  leak (or leaks) can be in the pipework, pump, filter heater too holes or tears in the lining

The liner.

Possible causes of a leaking liner pool are:

  1. Old age, general wear and tear, pinholes.
  2. Accidental damage
  3. Sharp objects that have fallen  into the pool.
  4. Vandalism.

    Liner pool leaking
    Liner pool is in the process of being drained and then the old vinyl liner removed.
  5. Youngster pole vaulting.
  6. An animal has strayed and fell in.

Replace the pool liner.


  1. Skimmer has cracked.
  2. Pool return gaskets deteriorated.
  3. Main drain gasket has failed.
  4. Underwater light leaking through cracked niche or hockey stick (cable conduit).
    Cracks in niche letting water escape and gasket failure
    There were cracks in this niche (behind the light) letting water escape and possible gasket and face-plate failure.

    Replacement underwater pool niche and light
    Replacement underwater niche and light with new conduit connected to the junction deck box.
The circulation system (Pipework, valves).
Pool plumbing
Swimming pools pipework and filter checked for leaks.

Possible causes of leaking pipework.

  1. Poor workmanship, not jointed or connected correctly.
  2. Frost damage leading to cracked pipes and valves
  3. Ground movement leading to the underground pipework splitting or disjointing.
  4. Accidental damage to pipes, caused by excavating.

Replace the old pipework and valves.

The filter, heating and pumps
Pool filter leaking
A water leak is found around the top of the filter, the o’ring has failed and needs replacing. If the filter sand is more than 3 years old, replacing the present filter media (sand) is recommended, and less costly while the o’ring is being eeplaced.

Possible causes of leaking

  1. Filter connections and gaskets damaged or degraded.
  2. Multi-port spider gasket, O’ring has degraded or damaged.
  3. Drain valve broken.
  4. Filter unit has cracked.
  5. Pump leaking through joints, broken gaskets, ceramic seal on the impeller

Renew the gaskets and o’rings, replacement pump and multi-port . It’s  rare does the filter need changing

Repairs or replacement? 
New pool liner
Replacement pool liner is installed and the swimming pool is filling. Once filled, the pool will look like new again.

Depending on the nature of the  leak in a liner pool, sometimes these can be repaired underwater.
However the liner maybe to old and brittle to repair and in the end there is no alternative but to install a replacement liner.

There is a range of liner colours and patterns to chose from.If the swimming pool is looked after, winterised & summerised correctly, has a good pool maintenance record, regular checks on correct pH, total alkalinity, chemical balance then serious leaks and repairs should be a  rare occurrence. A pool liner could last around 8 to 10 years or even longer in some cases. 

Liner Swimming Pools.

For more information on liner pools contact John Cox TnISPE (Cert).

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