Pool renovations

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Swimming Pool Renovations

Spring is here. The UK eclipse has been and gone. The General election is around the corner. Tme to consider any renovations that are needed on your swimming pool before the hot summer months arrive?

If you’re not using your swimming poolhave those repairs done now while the pool is out of action or maybe a complete pool renovation that you’ve been considering for the past year.

Restoring your swimming pool to its former glory:

  • The pool coping stones may ony need a pressure clean but if they are rough to touch and hard to clean up it maybe worth renewing the old worn out stone coping.
  • At the same time pressure wash the pool deck or change it to something more modern and contemporary.
  • Any cracks in the pool should be repaired, there maybe structural defects in the swimming pool shell that need further investigation.
  • Replace or repair lose or defective rendering or floor screeds.pool-renovations
  • If the pipework is leaking it’s sometimes best to replace all the pipe runs rather than repair one section in case the pipework leaks in another section months or years later.
  • Sometimes the skimmers and outlets turn a brownish colour and become brittle. Again it would be best to renew old skimmers and outlets.
  • If you have a liner pool and it’s leaking or the liner colour has faded and has pinholes in the vinyl  fabric better to replace the old pool liner
  • If your pool is a liner type sometimes the liner-lock sometimes detaches or breaks in places and this needs replacing.
  • Change any rusted steel panels (panel pool) to an alternative fabrication (block-work or new insulated panels).
  • Re-grout or refurbish tiles and mosaics.
  • Re-plaster the finish or reline with an on-site vinyl lining.

Choices you could consider are:

  1. Have your swimming pool renovated and looking brand new again.pool-renovated
  2. Build a new a new pool within the existing pool.
  3. Construct a pool in different location. This has been done before where the existing pool is beyond help.
  4. Choose to back-fill your existing pool and change it to a garden or put decking across in case one day you or the next owner of your house decides to want the pool reinstated.
  5. Converted to a pond this can be easily done to make it look like a natural pond with plants and waterfalls.

Decide a start date on renovating your swimming pool. The rule is the longer it’s left the further the pool will degrade and the more expensive the renovations on the swimming pool becomes.

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