Swimming Pool Enclosures

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pool-enclosuresSwimming pool enclosures

Is it worth having a pool enclosure?

In our UK weather? Yes! I would certainly say so, an enclosure not only keeps out the wet weather you can extend the swimming season at the beginning and near the end of the year (Spring and autumn) or when there’s never-ending rain and showers.

Why have a swimming pool and only use it for just 5 months of the year? A  pool enclosure is well worth every penny.

We’ve renovated a swimming pool inside a pool enclosure during a cold February, when occasionally some days had frost on the ground outside the enclosure, and the sun was shining bright, so with the solar gain, it became quite warm inside the enclosure, eventually, we had to change into T-shirts and shorts… It was that warm, and warm enough to swim in… Amazing!
If you enjoy swimming then using your pool for as long as possible is a good thing isn’t it? An enclosure would be an ideal addition to your swimming pool, unlike an outdoor pool with no enclosure where you would normally wait till late spring before you start using your pool again.
Autumn is upon us now, and the days have cooled down, but occasionally the odd warm days do come along, and with a pool enclosure, there doesn’t have to be the worry that the weather will change or it’s not looking good and too cold to go swimming.
Here are the benefits of a pool enclosure:
•    No need to keep looking at the weather forecast or worrying about the evening light disappearing.
•    It can be cooler outside but lovely and warm inside the enclosure.
•    No leaves, very little debris falling in, so much less time wasted on pool maintenance, vacuuming and back-washing the pool filter.
•    Saves wear and tear, because some of the equipment is used less often

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•    You use much less pool chemicals.
•    Using less heat and fuel, saving you money on your fuel bill.
•    Less wear and tear on the heater, the pool pump, and filter.
•    The pool enclosure is an additional room to your main home.
•    Increases your property value.
At the end of the season while other pool owners are considering winterising their pools, you will still be using yours.
Your swimming pool enclosure is also an extra room in your home.
So consider is it worth using your pool for longer, rather than having to winterise the pool and closing it down for 6 months of the year?
Instead of using the pool from April to September extend the use of your swimming season by an extra 12 to 14 weeks, or maybe all the way through the winter.
John Cox TnISPE(Cert)
Gloucester Bristol London Cardiff

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