Rainwater harvesting

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Rainwater harvesting. Your very own water supply

Drought and hosepipe bans could be a thing of the past if a rainwater harvesting system is installed.f-line-5000-litre
The dry weather and drought in 2013 made the news, and the storms rain and flooding is making big news in 2014, but although we have most of the reservoirs full and enough rain has fallen that we may think will last us a lifetime, should the dry weather return to the UK we may be back into a drought situation once again.

Rainwater harvesting

Will we be back to the same pattern with the threat of climate change, droughts, hosepipe bans, and problems with water shortages again?
Why not use the rainwater from your roof instead of letting it pours away down the drains most of which ends up back into the sea if it ever gets there

Saving the free rainwater for yourself will help you do 4 things

A.    Conserve your use of mains water, thereby saving you money on your water bills
B.    Help the environment in the long run. So more water for Rivers streams and aquifer and drought years.
C.    Best of all, (for you), no hosepipe bans will affect you
D.   This is “your water” that you saved for a “Rainy Day” (Or should be “ your Dry days”)

Use the stored rainwater for home and garden use:

  • Swimming pool, spas, and hot tub owner’s
  • Watering gardens, dry lawns and greenhouses,
  • washing cars, watering plants and vegetables.

No more hosepipe bans, no more concerns of how you will top up your swimming pool or water your garden.Rainwater
Don’t wait and relying on government and the water companies to sort any water shortage problems out if they ever occure again

So the next time it pours down with rain, think about installing a rainwater harvesting system. You could save yourself a lot of hassle every time there the threat of water shortages and save money on your water bills.
John Cox TnISPE(Cert)
Monmouthshire Gloucestershire Bristol Herefordshire Gwent

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