Renovating Swimming Pools

Renovating Swimming Pools

Now we are approaching spring it’s time to repair and renovate your swimming pool.

  • Refurbish a liner pool by replacing the vinyl liner.
  • Convert a leaking concrete pool to a liner pool.
  • Replacing a  pump that has stopped working, leaking pipework, skimmers, lights. damaged or loose stone coping, paving,
  • Re-tiling and grouting.
Pool needs refurbishing
Swimming pool in need of some TLC

Repair  the pool while it’s not in use or begin a renovation that’s been on your “to do list”.

Renovate your swimming pool to its original look:

  • Change old stone coping.Pool renovation
  • Clean and pressure wash around the pool.
  • Repair any structural defects.
  • Re-plaster defective surfaces.
  • install new pipework.
  • Change a frost damaged skimmer and returns.

Liner pool?

  • Replace the liner-lock.
  • New pool liner
  • Panel pools remove and replace rusted steel panels or change to block and liner construction.
  • Refurbish tiles and mosaics.
  • Install on-site vinyl lining.

Other choices are:

  1. Have your swimming pool renovated and looking brand new again.pool ready for renovation
  2. Build a new a new pool within the existing pool.
  3. Build a swimming pool in different location. This has been done before where the existing pool is beyond help.
  4. Choose to back-fill your existing pool and change it to a garden or put decking across in case one day you or the next owner of your house decides to want the pool reinstated.
  5. Change a pool to a pond this can be done to look like a natural pond with added plants.

Start your swimming pool renovating. Remember the longer it’s left the further the pool will degrade.

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