Renovating your swimming pool

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Structural repairs to defects and renovating a concrete or liner swimming pools

If it is looking worse for wear and need a structural repair, or damaged and you’re thinking of renovating your pool, then here is a quick renovation guide to help you decide and where to replace or begin with the new renovations:

Obtain an estimate or quote for renovations and remember, when choosing an installer; “cheap estimates or quotes to repair defects and renovation doesn’t always mean they are the best”.

  1. If you’re going on a long holiday, or when you  close it down for the winter, then consider having the repairs or renovations done when it is not being used.
  2. First up and around, clean the stone coping and pressure clean the decking or replace, do some repairs or update the surround with updated materials.
  3. Replace old coping, add new paving in the renovation
  4. Renovate structural defects in the concrete or liner shell.
  5. Check for damage to the walls, sand and cement render repair, or floor screed repairs.
  6. Repair or replace blown tiles mosaics and rendering defects to concrete pools
  7. Old  leaking pipes.replace and repair or complete pipe renovation
  8. Replace aged leaking skimmers and outlets.
  9. Renovating new liner-lock; the bit that holds the liner in place…
  10. Renovation repairs to liner panel pools that have defercts and are badly corroded that may need to be replaced to an alternative fabrication.
  11. Structural renovations on concrete swimming pools, new tiles and mosaics to replace the lost tiles, damaged by frost.
  12. About  concrete pools, you could have the shell re-plastered, or if it has been leaking and the defects cannot be fixed, reline it with a vinyl liner.

Other alternatives available for structural renovations:

  • Construct a new one within the existing shell.
  • Install a new one in different area of your garden.

If it is leaking and beyond repair and renovations:

  • Use the area to install a rainwater harvesting system.
  • Instead of costly repairs and renovations,back-fill your pool
  • Change it to a garden pond
  • Decking across in case you or the next owner decided to reinstate it.
  • Converted to Kio or wildlife pond. This can easily be done and can be made to look natural with plants and waterfalls.

These are some of the options to consider.if your concrete or liner swimming pool is looking shabby and you’re thinking it’s in need of renovating. of structural alterations.

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  1. I have an indoor pool which is leaking. I think the leak is through a redundant wave machine. It needs diagnosing and fixing. Is this something you are interested in? We are close to junction 3 of the M42

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