Repairing swimming pools

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Swimming pool repairs

Look after your swimming pool there’s not much that should go astray but like everything else, as soon as a product is made it begins to degrade
For example a brand new car just off the forecourt begins to depreciate not just in value but from the environment around us and the travelling, so as time ticks by, eventually the car will need repairs and replacements like new tyres, windscreen wipers, a full service.
So yes everything needs a service and some repairing after a period of time (Even us humans need a check up)
Repairs on a swimming pool are usually minor, there shouldn’t be much to go wrong with a recently installed pool or hot tub except perhaps if the pool has been poorly designed, bad workmanship or the spa’s quality is inferior , but as time does go by maybe a liner needs an underwater patch or there’s a leak around the pipe, pump or filter unions and these can easily be repairs by replacing the O’rings or resealing some of the joints.
Some repairs are due to neglect and poor maintenance or the water is out of balance, this can decrease a pool liners life span or attack a concrete pools plaster and tile grout which can result in (if a liner pool) the liner being replaced or if it is a tiled pool the need to be re-grouted or replace lose mosaics and this can end up costing a lot of money and disruption…
Another example is putting the swimming pool to bed for the winter and not winterising or draining the water out of the equipment properly. This is where some of problems occur. In one instance a pool owner did not drain his heat pump correctly when winterising his swimming pool and unfortunately it was the year 2010 December which was notorious for being one of the coldest month on record, so you can guess what happened inside the heat pumps the water froze solid and expanded cracking the heat exchanger.
More to follow on this subject later…

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