Replacing swimming pool liners

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Replacing a liner on tired looking swimming pool is like having a brand new pool.

Fresh and clean Pool liner looking, with a perhaps a different colour liner or pattern.

Install a replacement pool liner for summer 2017. Osprey Pool Installers work in most local areas including Lydney Monmouth Newport Chepstow Usk Ledbury Ross-on-Wye Hereford and Gloucester

Before installing a new pool liner Have the stone coping and deck pressure cleaned. There’s nothing worse than changing a liner only to realise after that the surrounds look bedraggled…

Look around the swimming pool and list the items to be repaired or replaced. Look for any loose or chipped coping stones. You may want to replace these as they can be a danger to swimmers

Check the pool decking. If you have paving around your pool you should check for loose, cracked or wobbly paving. This again is unsafe for pool users and should be repaired, relayed or replaced before you start using your swimming pool

It’s nice to see an old swimming pool look revamped and new again. a new pool liner makes all the difference, and a good idea is to take some photo’s of your swimming pool as it is now, during and when the pool liner is replaced and the pool is finished.

Call or email Osprey Pools if you need help or adviceJust to remind you, we cover most areas of England and Wales, from Monmouth and Usk to Chepstow across to Lydney and stroud in Gloucestershire UK

The cost of surveying is around £150.00 to £250.00, and for more complex shapes the cost to survey is more depending on how long it takes to survey and measure. Fitting a replacement pool liner begins at around £750.00 depending on the shape and size of your swimming pool and where your’re located in the UK.

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  1. our liner is 18 years old and now needs to be replaced,the pool is 30 ft x 15 ft x 5 ft.what sort of price for 30/40 thou liner including track to supply.confident of fitting myself.

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