Swimming pool liner repairs

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Swimming pool liner repairs

By Osprey Pools

Liner pool repairs can be anything from a small pinhole to a rip in the vinyl fabric.

With a liner pool, this is generally not a serious problem depending of course on the nature of the damage i.e. pinholes, or slight tear. These may be repaired underwater.
swimming pool linersHowever, sometimes the liner is too old to repair and there is no alternative but to replaced it. Pool liners, if looked after can last around 6 to 8 years or even longer in some cases.
The stone coping sometimes need to be re-laid or when they are looking worst for wear with the aggregate (stone chippings and sand) showing through, acting more like an abrasive rather than having a smooth surface can be replace with new stone coping, however when removing the old stone coping. Occasionally the liner lock that holds the swimming pool liner in place has bonded to the cement that holds the coping in place. This pool liner lock also needs renewing in order to install the new swimming pool liner.

pool liners

A small range of pool liner colours and patterns

Sometimes the swimming pool has an underlay fitted under the pool lining and depending on the type of underlay used and its condition, this often has to be replaced, or if there’s no pool liner underlay, most pool installers will install a new underlay before installing the pool liner.

Before installing new underlay and pool liner, there is likely to be repairs to do on the pool shell. Usually this takes the form of sand and cement repairs to the base where the screed has warn or washed away in places.

John Cox TnISPE (Cert)

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