Swimming pool refurbishment options

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There are a few options available when you decide that your swimming pool needs  refurbishing or you’re not going to use the pool anymore

By John CoxTnISPE

If you don’t think you will be using your pool ever again, there’s a few options to chose from.Swimming pool leaks

One answer is to convert the pool to a wildlife pond, this is easily done and you wouldn’t know it use to be a swimming pool. Another option is to back fill and cover the pool with decking or grass over.

However if you will eventually use the pool, then a refurbishment will be your best option.

A concrete pool that leaks for example can be converted to a liner pool by installing liner-lock and fitting a new pool liner or you could use on-site pool lining which uses much thicker a tougher lining materials than the standard pool liner.

First you need a few sheets of paper to write down rough drafts of your pros and cons of your swimming pool. Also it helps if you number them in importance.

Always ask someone else to pitch in with their opinions on what may be needed to be renovated or added. Many heads are better A pool in need of renovationthan one, and  an outside opinion often help in making the decisions.

Finally ask your local swimming pool installer. The problem with this is a pool installer will most likely want you to have the swimming pool refurbished. However if the pool installer is genuine (like me) he or she will offer a few balanced solutions for you to pick over.

So to get you started below are a few questions to ask:

  1. Do you like swimming? If you don’t then what’s the point of keeping the pool? A swimming pool is a status symbol, but the main thing about swimming (if used) is it does keep you fit and flexible, Swimming has many health benefits and has a low impact on all parts of the body. Apart from this you can have lots of fun like snorkeling or swim racing…
  2. How often do you use your pool? Do you use it for parties, entertaining, BBQ’s, relaxation, or just swimming?
  3. Do children or Grandchildren use the pool? Is the swimming pool worth keeping for the kids or Grandchildren? When they come to visit it can be something to keep them excited before arriving  and keeps them busy and tired out by the end of the day for sure.
  4. How much will it cost for a new pool liner, repair and refurbish the swimming pool?Pool liners
  5. If it’s a concrete pool and it’s not leaking what is the cost to resurface a pool, use on-site lining or install a new liner?
  6. What are the running costs? When renovating your swimming pool you should consider an air source heat pump or solar panels. These will save you on your energy bills.
  7. Another item that will save you money on energy bills is a pool enclosure as very little heating is needed during the summer, and it extends the swimming season, also cuts down on water and chemical costs, and save you time on maintenance and cleaning your swimming pool.
  8. Back-filling your pool. This can be quite costly as you have to import soil or clean hardcore to fill the swimming pool sometime people use sand but this is expensive and the pool will have to be made “non water proof”.
  9. You could change the swimming pool into a garden pond or put decking across the swimming pool in case you or the next owner decided to reinstate it. The pool will need to be kept fee of water so a pump may need to be installed.
  10. Ask an estate agent “are you removing value to your property by back filling or would you be adding value if you renovate your swimming pool”.

I must admit this article is slightly biased in favour of keeping a swimming pool for a few reasons, one being it’s my job to build new, repair and renovate swimming pools.

Second, it’s a waste of a good piece of exercise equipment. Thirdly, all the bother, the mess, and the cost that went into building a swimming pool is such  a waste. However sometimes these 3 reasons are still not good enough to keep a swimming pool going. Decommissioning a swimming pool should be thought of as a last resort but it’s no good keeping a swimming pool if you have Swimming pool refurbishmentno use for it.

So start with writing down what your thoughts are (good idea is to number them in importance), then slowly build up an idea as to which option you wish to go for:

  • Pool renovation
  • Convert the swimming pool to a pond
  • Back fill and make it back into a garden. This can be costly as you have to source hard-core that’s not contaminated and the cost of finishing off whether its with gravel, topsoil and turf or covered the in decking.
  • Concrete pool that is being filled in need drainge holes drilled to let the water out
  • Concrete pools that leak, consider on-site pool lining.

John Cox TnISPE (Cert)

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