How to build a swimming pool

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DIY pools are a popular and cheaper way to build your very own private swimming pool.

However it’s handy to be aware and avoid some pitfalls at the beginning, during and at the end of your swimming pool build.

  • If you enjoy dabbling in DIY, you could start with building your own above ground pool. There are many different kinds of above ground pools on the market these days. Most come in kit form with an instruction manual and DVD on how to build your pool.
  • It does help if you have some knowledge of construction, and depending on how much experience you do have, and following the instructions in the manual to the letter, building a pool yourself can be relatively easy.
  • You could buy and build an above ground wooden panel pool. These again are in kit form.
  • You will need to build a level concrete base for the structure to rest on.

Above ground poolsFun pools

Now, if you don’t want a wooden pool to look like an above ground pool then build the structure partially in the ground and build timber framed decking around the top of the pool to make it look like an in-ground pool.

There is a different specification of construction altogether when installing a swimming pool in-ground using concrete block or panel methods.

These in-ground swimming pools come as kits with wall panels or without the panels. The pool kits that are without panels use concrete blocks instead to build the pool walls. The pool kits are supplied with felt underlay and a 30thou (0.075mm) thick vinyl liner to fit inside the pool structure.

These swimming pools are more complex to construct than the above ground pools. If you have a reasonable knowledge of construction then you should be able to build the pool yourself, but there are many factors and pitfalls to be aware of as building an inground swimming pool is not the same as building a BBQ, a house, or an extension.

So it may be best to seek advice before and during construction from the swimming pool company who supplied you the pool kit or elsewhere.

Employing sub contractors and outside help

By employing outside help to build your swimming pool you can oversee the pool build yourself. Again I would suggest you employ the services of a swimming pool installer to advice you on everything from:swimming pool location

  • The location of the pool.
  • The methods of construction
  • What pitfalls to look out for.
  • The pool plumbing system.
  • Advice on surrounds and landscaping.
  • Through to commissioning your swimming pool.

All the above options come with instruction manuals and DVDs to help you build your pool, but more help and information on building your own pool on a budget visit our website and contact us with your query.

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