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Occasionally during a pool installation or perhaps renovating a swimming pool, it’s surprising how much wildlife strays onto the work area.Pool baby bird

Everything ceases on all pool building activity or at least slows down not to frighten a wildlife critter that has wondered onto the construction site. If it’s not frogs or toads that decided to take a dive into the pool, it’s a male pheasant and his lady friend announcing that “we” are on his patch, or as in this video a Lost Baby Bird , found next to the swimming pool renovation in Stroud Gloucestershire, looking a little worse for wear, that took us about a hour out of our time to nurse back to health so it could fly back to its family of House Martins.

Our latest little fellow to attach itself to us as seen in this video is a Wild Baby Bunnyswimming pool baby bunny . We think it see’s us as security, and that no predators will come calling while he or she stays around us (we have noticed a cat comes to have a nose at what we are doing every so often, the customer says they think its a feral cat, so the bunny will have to watch out when we are not onsite building the swimming pool, mind you bunny is fast moving so I think he has a sporting chance.

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