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Replacement liners for pools and the fitting costs

Include the following costs for the lined structure before survey measuring and fitting for new linings.

*Vinyl pool liners supplied under the UK product warranty conditions. Subject to the swimming pools condition working, circulation, liner measurement, and any repairs needed. **Subject to sizes and shape. | ***Subject to site condition

Swimming Pool Liners

Before After

Pool liner leak detection survey - Repair, convert, or replacement swimming pool liners

liner and concrete leak detection and inspections

(Costs depend on size and UK location)

Before you consider fitting a new liner for an in ground or above of ground construction, check for leaks, make sure the stone copings and liner-lock are not loose and check pipe runs (See pool conditions)

Many coloured and patterned vinyl pool liners to choose from:

For either above  or in ground swimming pools, the square mosaic pattern tile band on the liner  is noticeable if the swimming pool is not level. Measurement surveys, supply and fitting liners, new  face plates, skimmers, returns are available on demand.

Premier Installers of UK Liner Pools 01600 861851

For damaged liners, in need of repairs, replacement, or renovations, measure, supply and fit vinyl lining replacement and underlay (Lining costs depends on size) Our premier manufacture, Plastica, is one of the most experienced manufacturers of patterned and coloured linings made to measure and installed in the UK.

Within easy travelling distance to Bristol Worcester Oxford and Gloucester. and London (Price for surveys on swimming pools are subject to location, dimension, and type of equipment used) Monmouth UK.

Liners for damaged ,old and new swimming pools.

You can solve leaking concrete pools with a liner conversion.

Liner installations covering Monmouth Chepstow Newport and Cardiff. Gloucester across to Bristol UK.

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Swimming pool enclosures for lined liner and tiled pool’s

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UK Premier liner and on-site lining installers

Above ground lining and inground linings

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Covering Gloucester Oxford Hereford Bristol Cardiff Cowbridge Bridgend and Swansea for replacement swimming pool liners and on-site vinyl lining for in ground and above ground swimming pools

Pool liners for most UK swimming pools. Convert concrete tiled to a liner pool. Surveying Avon Bath Bristol Cardiff Devon Gloucester Hereford Newport Somerset Stroud Swansea Worcester England Wales

Replacement pool liner prices for all types and sizes of new and existing pools

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