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Pool and Spa Chemicals

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are confusing as some of the same chemical come in different forms

Example 1. Chlorine is sold either as Chlorine tablets or in the form of Chlorine granules

Example 2. Chlorine is also sold as Shock chlorine or as Stabilised Chlorine

Example 3. Flocculent is available as a Powder • Gel • Liquid or as Tablets (Tabs)

Safe Chemicals Storage

Do not store above your head

Keep away from other hazardous goods such as paint, petrol, fertilizers, solvents etc... (or anything with a HazChem image as shown below)

Do not keep different types of chlorine next to each other - separate with inert chemicals, for example Stabiliser, Alkalinity Increaser, pH Plus and Calcium Hardness Plus.

Do not allow liquids to leak or spill onto solids/granular swimming pool supplies

Do not store liquids above solid/granular pool chemicals and do not stack containers.

Reseal containers securely after use. Empty chemical containers should be washed out and disposed of, not reused.

If your pool turns green and cloudy this means the pool water is out of balance

There are 3 important points to consider when you want to keep your pool water healthy, crystal clear, sparkling and free from bacteria and algae

Swimming pool water has to be at the correct pH level

Balancing the right amount of chemicals for alkalinity, calcium hardness.and sanitizer, you need to buy a good test kit (With Instructions) to check the water balance

Pool Chemicals

What the swimming pool chemicals do to the water

Conditioners Clarifiers Flocculent: Clumps suspended particles in the water so they can be filtered out or sink to the pool floor and makes it easier to clean and vacuum clumps straight to waste

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