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Repairs service and maintain pH, shock chlorine, alkalinity, calcium ppms.

Spring opening and summerising. Fix cloudy pool water in swimming pools all year round Monmouthshire Gloucestershire, Abergavenny, Usk Newport, Cardiff and Bristol

Read our guide 10 tips for summerising your swimming pool Maintaining chlorine, and alkalinity levels

Maintain chlorination, weekly or fortnightly maintenance and repairs or replacement liners, cleaning visits including vacuuming, cleaning walls, empty skimmer and pump baskets, backwash and rinse, add condition.

Swimming Pool Maintenance UK

vacuum hoses attachmenst for cleaning a swimming pool

Green and cloudy. Testing the water

You would think that water is just plain, simple and nothing special. This is not true, it can be a mission to maintain from green to clean and testing balanced.

It has to have a good level of pH, Total alkalinity, chorine, calcium hardness.to maintaining pools from going green. We are local to the surrounding areas of Monmouth and Usk. Distance is no problem we travel all over the area to Cardiff up to Gloucester Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, (M4, A48 and M5) or across both Severn Bridges from Chepstow or Magor, Newport Abergavenny and to most places including Bristol and London and around the UK. Testing and balancing outdoor or indoor pools

Swimming pool maintenance in the UK - Covering Monmouth Bristol Chepstow Newport and Gloucester. Maintain, opening and summerising swimming pools around Abergavenny Maintaining Repairs Raglan Usk and Lydney

Opening for the spring around UK,  Monmouth Usk Raglan Chepstow Cardiff Ross-on-Wye. Abergavenny to Lydney, Gloucester

Pool maintenance and cleaning prices

Standard rate starts from £55.00 per hour (Min 2 hours) + Testing, maintain balancing, shock chlorine clearing algae, back-washing filter, chemicals

We cover most of Monmouthshire & Gloucestershire Raglan Cardiff Abergavenny Gloucester Chepstow New replacement liners available here.

Maintenance, spring opening, clearing and cleaning - Prices from around £105.00

Prices depend on size, type and locations.

Pool in need of maitenance and cleaning using an automatic cover save on these two. Swimming pool transport Endurance Pumps

Maintaining pools in Monmouth Cardiff Bristol Gloucester Newport Raglan Chepstow .

Do you require pool maintenance? Call 01600-861851

New pool liners in Monmouth

New pool pumps Monmouth

Automatic pool covers Monmouth

Pool filter clears the water of large and small particles but you still need a sanitiser

Replacement filter and sand

Swimming pool chemicals

Chemical test kits and chlorine