Locating your swimming pool in your garden (ii)

Swimming pool location (Part II) Rough guide to construction method and accessories 

Once you know what size and shape of the swimming pool you want, decide what construction method to use.

The pool construction methods:

  • A vinyl pool liner fitted into a concrete block and rendered shell.Maintaining swimming pools
  • The construction of a concrete waterproof pool shell where the cement rendered surfaces are then tiled all over or with mosaics and special marble and cement render.
  • Or a one-piece swimming pool sometimes called a Swim-spa.

The next stage is to carefully choose the location where you want your swimming pool installed.

  1. Do you want it near or away from the house?
  2. in the open or undercover?

    swimming pool location
    This pool has hinged ladders so the automatic cover can close over the pool
  3. In a barn or a garage?
  4. Some pools have been installed in basements and on purposely strengthened flat roofs.

so a swimming pool may be installed just about anywhere  it is permissible.

Add to the size of the swimming pool enough room to walk around the pool. The walkway and lounging areas are usually about 3ft to 6ft wide, and much more on at the shallow end of the pool, allowing for tables chairs, room to move and mingle, barbecue, loungers, maybe a pool slide and so on and easy access for maintenance.

You may need to allow for a plant room where the filter, heater and pump is to be housed. Some pool owners locate the pool plant in their garage or already have a shed ready.

Do you need somewhere to shower especially before you get into a pool, so consider a changing room and also storage lockers for safety equipment, pool toys, loungers and games, a secured, tamper proof container for pool chemical storage?pool lounger
Regarding indoor pools allow for environmental control systems these are the dehumidifiers of the swimming pool building.

Obstructions must be considered before selecting a final pool site. These could include underground services like phone and electric cables, gas lines, septic tanks and drainage, Wells, trees, and overhead power lines. Underground obstruction and utilities should be located before excavation begins. Utility companies will usually locate underground pipes and cables that are located on your property for you. If any of these underground services are unavoidable, a compromise must be reached in where the pool is to be located, keep in mind labour and material costs of moving or replacing services and obstructions.

Which type of heating do you require? Heat pumps are favoured at the moment and these are “air source” heat pumps where the heat pump is relying on the ambient air temperature to get the pool up nice and warm. Ground source heat pumps are more capable of supplying heat to your pool nearly all year round, as the heat is taken from the ground is a constant temperature of around 10°C all the time.

Other accessories to consider are

  1. Walk in  steps like a Roman end.
  2. Underwater lights.
  3. A pool slide.
  4. A counter current to swim against.
  5. Automatic chemical dosing.
  6. Pool cleaner.
  7. Solar covers to trap the suns energy.
  8. Winter cover when closing down in the cold season.
  9. Enclosures so you may swim all year round whatever the weather.

There are many things to consider when locating your swimming pool in your garden. Remember with swimming pools as with everything brand new accept there will come a time where some repairs and possible renovations may be needed.

I have survey swimming pools in many areas of Wales and England including Gloucestershire Monmouthshire  Oxfordshire Cardiff Swansea Hereforshire Oxfordshire London Bath Bristol and Somerset. Mobile website

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