Replacing your swimming pool liner

Changing  your swimming pool liner?

It may be that your swimming pool liner is leaking, or the colour has faded so you’re considering changing the old liner.

A new liner makes a lot of difference however, before you have your old pool liner, changed,

  1. Think about having the stone coping and deck surround pressure cleaned. There’s nothing worse than  to notice after the liner is installed that the surrounds look tatty and bedraggled…

    Pool renovation
    A green swimming pool doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the liner. just needs treating and a good once over.
  2. Look around your swimming pool to see if there are any loose or chipped coping stones? You may want to replace these as they potentially catch a swimmers foot and other parts of the body. (Especially the younger swimmers and toddlers)
  3. If there is loose or damaged pool coping, decide whether to change some or all of them.
  4. If you favour changing all of the coping, your swimming pool will look like the first time it was installed, brand new, fresh and clean again.
  5. Furthermore, ask the pool liner installers, (before the order goes through to the liner manufacturers) that you wish to look at a sample book, so you can consider an alternative pattern or colour.
  6. Don’t forget about the pool decking. If you have paving around your pool you should check for loose, cracked or wobbly paving. These again are unsafe for pool users and should be repaired, relayed or replaced before the pool liner is installed and you start using your swimming pool.

It is nice to see an old swimming pool renovated and look revamped and new again. Automatic pool covers keep the debris down and there’s less maintenance to do to the pool water

swimming pool renovation
This renovated swimming pool has hinged ladders so the new automatic pool cover can close over the pool. Cover by Coverstar

A good idea is to take some photo’s of your swimming pool as it is now, during and when the pool liner is replaced and the pool is finished.

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