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Where would you locate your swimming pool? (Assuming you want an outdoor pool and not an indoor pool).

Begin with deciding the size of your swimming pool,  and then pick the spot where you would prefer your swimming pool to be installed. (This is likely to change as future decisions are made along the way).swimming pool location and excavation

  1. Allow enough room to walk around the pool and for outdoor furniture.
  2. Allow for a plant room and maybe a changing room, storage lockers for safety equipment, pool toys and games.
  3. Have a secure tamper-proof container for pool chemical storage. and pool maintenance and repair equipment
  4. For Indoor pools allow for environmental control systems.

Obstructions to excavation and construction must be considered before selecting a final pool site. This is the responsibility of the customer to find out where the obstructions (if any) are located, and decide the next step with the swimming pool builder.

locating the swimming pool
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  1. The obstruction  may include underground wires, gas lines, septic tanks and drainage, water wells, running springs and streams, plumbing, trees, and overhead power lines.
  2. Underground obstruction and utilities should be located before excavation begins.
  3. Utility companies will usually locate underground pipes and cables that are located on your property for a charge to you.
  4. If various obstructions are unavoidable, a compromise can be reached, but keep in mind labour and material costs of moving or replacing obstructions.
  5. Choose an avenue of least resistance for the sake of practicality and economy.
  6. Trees and foliage are another consideration for the pool location, unfortunately trees and pools do not make good bedfellows, so location of the pool needs to be away from trees.

These stages of pool construction are usually straightforward as opposes to say building a house or an extension. However. there are many parts of this process to be aware of, for example:

Trees and swimming pools
Trees and swimming pools
  1. Do you know what is beneath your feet?
  2. .Ground conditions for your swimming pool installation is very diverse in parts of Monmouthshire Gloucestershire Herefordshire and the Bristol, in fact everywhere in the UK there can be anything beneath your feet from rock or sand to clay, old infill sites, underground springs or high water tables, Whatever the subsoil is, there is a method for dealing with most of these obstacles
  3. A high water table is a major factor to consider when installing a pool. It may be practical to raise the finished pool level to avoid later problem associated with a high water table other options are land drainage and submersible pumps.
  4. Proper pool orientation will take advantage of sunny days for comfortable swimming condition and decrease heating costs. Prevailing wind direction should also be noted for the position of the pool skimmer and returns .

Under “Permitted Development rights” you can build a swimming pool within your garden, provided that the total area covered by the pool does not exceed 50%?of the area of the garden. However you will need planning permission for a swimming pool if: (Check with your area planning dept  as the planning laws may have changed since going to press).

Trees and swimming pools
Trees and swimming pools
  1. The swimming pool is located beyond the side elevation of the property and faces the highway
  2. Is within 2m of a boundary, the maximum height of any structure is greater than 2.5m.
  3. If the pool is located on a site where the property is a listed building, in conservation areas, national parks, ANOB, The Broads, World heritage sites.
  4. The structure has a veranda, balcony or raised platform.

If you are in any doubt about permission to build a swimming pool contact your local planning authority.

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